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Chapter 1517 What Does She Mind?

  • “We’ll go out after I’ve delivered?” Jiang Xiaobai supported her waist and it took much effort for her to sit on the sofa. She replied in an unsatisfied manner, “I don’t think I’ll have the opportunity to do so after I’ve given birth. I’ll be going through my confinement and I’ll need to take care of the child every day after that. I can’t just leave the baby at home and go out by myself.”
  • “Of course, you can.” Yan smiled while suggesting, “You can let the child drink some milk and let your parents take care of him. Going out once in a while should be fine right?”
  • In fact, Jiang Xiaobai was actually pretty blessed. Her parents were still alive, and so were Xiao Su’s. Even if she had twins, they would still have many family members to help them take care of the children. Jiang Xiaobai and Xiao Su were the only children in their families, so the new born children would be precious in the eyes of the four elders.
  • Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiaobai felt that what she said made sense. “You’re right, but I still feel like going out before I give birth. Can’t you just accompany me?”
  • “I really can’t!” Yan shook her head and rejected her determinedly. “You’ll be giving birth anytime soon. What if you deliver when we’re outside? It’s better for you to stay at home, isn’t it? Oh right, where’s Xiao Su?” Yan only realized that Xiao Su was not at home after having such a long conversation with Jiang Xiaobai.
  • “He’s out; I’m home alone. Besides, he’ll only be back tomorrow, so I’m very bored at home alone. That’s why I wanted you to accompany me out.”
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