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Chapter 1025 Mrs Ye Is So Passionate

  • In his current state, it took a lot of effort just for Ye Moxuan to remain standing while keeping his expression neutral. When he agreed to go to the garden at the back with Han Muzi, she seemed to notice something was wrong. Hence, she strode over and held his arm. As she was afraid of him falling over, it was more accurate to say that she was supporting him by the arm rather than holding on to him.
  • Noticing her support, his frown deepened. So, she knows. But she hasn’t outed me. He did not want her to see him suffer and let her worry, but she was already aware of his intentions. Instead, she decided to accept and acquiesce to his methods, then quietly use her methods to correct his ways. My woman sure is well-intentioned.
  • He suddenly stopped in his tracks and did not take another step. Surprised, she promptly spoke up, “Why don’t you wait here for me? I’ll go by myself. Don’t worry; I’ll be back soon.” Although she had deliberately changed the topic, he was probably still desperately enduring the pain. As long as she was here, he had to pretend that nothing was wrong and was unable to remove his façade.
  • At this moment, his pale lips twitched as he lowered his head to look at her. “I’m not feeling well.”
  • The forced smile on her lips froze, and she stared at him blankly. As she did not expect him to come clean with her, she did not know how to react and simply stared at him while dumbstruck.
  • “Don’t go, okay?” Leaning down, he buried his face in her neck. Taking in the sweet scent that belonged to her, it felt like his headache seemed to become less severe. It took her a while to react to his unexpected confession, followed by his plea for her to stay. Coming back to her senses, she reached out and hugged him. “Alright, I won’t go. Why don’t I… accompany you to the room to rest?”
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