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Chapter 1093 I Will Always Cling on to You Anyway

  • Leng Yueyue could smell something fishy between them, but as a girl, she chose to stand by Yan’s side. If Yan was unwilling to let Xiao Su send her home, Leng Yueyue was willing to help her with the situation.
  • Therefore, she pulled Yan to her side and gave Xiao Su an unfriendly stare. “I don't think she'll disturb us at all. I’m delighted with her going back home with us because there will be someone on the road to accompany me so that I won’t feel bored. Besides, I hadn’t seen her in a long time. Come. Let’s talk about the good old times.”
  • With that, Leng Yueyue wrapped her hand around Yan’s shoulder like a man as she brought her to the direction of the car.
  • Meanwhile, Xiao Su and Wang An were looking at each other. Xiao Su looked fine, but Wang An’s face had traces of rage. After the two girls walked away, Wang An spoke to Xiao Su in a low voice while giving him a look of disdain, “You can’t be like this, bro. I won’t comment on the way you court girls, but now, you’re dragging me down with you. I’m not blaming you, but can you stay away from us the next time? This was a great chance for me.”
  • Xiao Su was also helpless as he smiled resignedly. “I’m working hard too, but the two of you suddenly showed up, so what else could I do?”
  • Wang An let out a sigh, showing that his heart was in pain.
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