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Chapter 1579 Out of Jealousy

  • Nonsense? Most nonsense usually turns out to be the truth. People may speak without thinking, but how could they blurt it out if the thought had never crossed their minds before? The words that are spoken without thinking are the most brutally honest reflection of one’s thoughts.
  • “Yishu, I’ll apologize to you, alright? I’ll also promise that I will never say something like that ever again. No, that’s not right. I didn’t say even anything like that yesterday.”
  • Yuchi Yishu watched him quietly, slightly pursing his thin lips.
  • Zhong Chufeng didn’t know what else to say. After saying those words, he immediately came to regret his actions. After all, if their relationship had been pure, then what he said would have caused their relationship to become twisted. Therefore, he had regretted it so much that he wanted to bite his tongue off right then. How could I have said such outrageous words? “Yishu, I…”
  • Even so, Yuchi Yishu said nothing as he got up and walked outside.
  • Zhong Chufeng let out a sigh, wishing he could kill himself and get it over with.
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