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Chapter 1123 Comfortable Alone

  • “That’s fine, but…” Yan insisted on asking the server for permission.
  • The server merely smiled faintly. “Miss Zhou, it’s completely up to you if you are willing to let her share the swing. The swing has never supported two people at once, but I think it should be fine by the looks of it.”
  • Yan started panicking when she heard that, and so she stammered, “H-Has it never supported two people at once?”
  • Yan was not afraid of falling; she was more concerned about destroying the swing. After all, it did not belong to her, and so she did not want to make such decisions.
  • After weighing her options, Yan got off the swing, and she looked at Su Yaoyao apologetically. “I’m sorry, the swing is not mine, so I can’t decide if you’re allowed to go up. Feel free to decide for yourself if you wish to sit on it.”
  • Su Yaoyao was rendered speechless by Yan’s reaction.
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