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Chapter 679 Reconciled

  • What did he just say? His words stunned Han Muzi and it took her a short while before she reacted to it.
  • “So… you thought that I won’t find you anymore and that it was all your hallucinations?”
  • Ye Moxuan’s face darkened a little. He replied to her after a pause, “Hallucination or not, it is not important anymore.”
  • Han Muzi remained silent.
  • She had no idea what went on with him because he was hot and cold with her. Until today, Han Muzi still remembered what she had told him. If you can’t give me enough sense of security, stop pestering me.
  • After she experienced so many things, she was very sensitive. There was one positive side to this—she was able to always put herself in his shoes because of this. She thought that since he always took the initiative before, it was not impossible for her to take the lead for once.
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