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Chapter 1174 Holding Hands

  • Yan was well fed from breakfast. She felt like she was floating from the make-out session before. When Han Qing asked her again, she changed her response and admitted that she had skipped breakfast before coming. She said it pitifully so that Han Qing would pity her too. Then… Han Qing placed a lot of food in front of her and ordered her to finish it all.
  • “There’s so much! How can I finish it all?” Yan was screaming for help deep down. She would not have told him that she had skipped breakfast if she knew this would happen.
  • “Finish it all. Otherwise, you’ll faint later.”
  • Yan did not dare to defy his orders, so she was left with no choice but to stuff the food into her mouth. However, she was indeed hungry and this meal was the breakfast lovingly prepared by her crush. As he had prepared everything himself, Yan was quite satisfied. After eating, her stomach was a little bloated. She leaned back against her seat and could not help touching her stomach. Her expression showed that she was in slight discomfort.
  • “Have you eaten too much?” Han Qing frowned and asked.
  • Yan wanted to say no, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she burped. Shocked, she was completely frozen in place while she sat there wide-eyed in disbelief. Just now… Did that sound come out of my mouth? How could I make such a shameful noise in front of Han Qing?
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