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Chapter 1399 How Am I Dirty-Minded?

  • The person in charge was stunned and a little confused by what was going on. On the contrary, the guy who dropped the chair seemed to realize something. Then, he ran over, laughing mischievously as he said, “Mr. Xiao, that Miss Jiang is your girlfriend, isn’t she? Are the two of you fighting? So, your girlfriend wants to move out? My girlfriend did the same thing to me when she was angry last time. Hehe.”
  • As soon as he finished speaking, the person in charge slapped his head. “Shut up! Don’t talk nonsense.”
  • However, Xiao Su did not deny it. Instead, he asked, “How much is it?”
  • “Mr. Xiao, we didn’t move anything even though we came here. It’s not good if we charge for that.”
  • “I can’t make you come here for nothing. Besides, this money isn’t for nothing.”
  • “What do you mean by that, Mr. Xiao?”
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