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Chapter 1030 Gossip

  • Mr. Zhou was startled when she asked to wipe his face. Before he could deny Yan’s offer, she had already turned around and headed to the bathroom to get some water. After that, she came out of the bathroom with a little tub. The tub was half-filled with water and a white towel sat in it. She brought these items from home so that they could be used after her father woke up.
  • Yan placed the tub on the cabinet next to the bed and wrung out the towel, getting ready to bend over and wipe Mr. Zhou's face.
  • It was probably because they had never been so close ever since Yan grew up, for just as Yan moved to help wipe Mr. Zhou's face, he felt somewhat awkward.
  • After a while, Mr. Zhou commented, "Yan, let me do it myself." As Mr. Zhou finished, he lifted his hand to take the towel from her. As a result of this slight movement, his injuries were affected and caused him much pain. He was in agony.
  • "Dad, are you okay?" Yan panicked. "Are you hurting? Shall I go get you the doctor?"
  • Mr. Zhou gathered himself gradually and shook his head. "It’s all good. I think I might have irritated my wounds when I lifted my hand."
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