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Chapter 1268 Stay Away From My Woman

  • Silence possessed them for a long while. Han Muzi was surprised that the whole thing would be so dramatic, and that Xu Yanwan bore it all alone without even saying a thing. Even though Han Muzi wasn’t particularly close to her, she was moved and impressed by this woman’s resilience after hearing her story.
  • Xu Yanwan wiped her tears away and regained her gentle composure. She smiled, her voice calm. “Do you guys think I’m in the gutters too? I think I’m fine, since all the worst days are behind me now. My father used his life in exchange for my future, so I will work hard.” I will never let my parents die in vain, she thought.
  • After that meal, Han Muzi had changed her view toward Xu Yanwan. Han Muzi might have been a bit hostile toward her earlier, but now, that hostility had vanished. She even thought that it was crude of her to be unkind toward Xu Yanwan because of Yan. With how she was brought up, Xu Yanwan wouldn’t be a mistress and take away someone else’s beloved. If she knew that Han Qing already had a girlfriend, she would just leave him quietly and not cling onto him, for that was how she was brought up. With how proud her late father was, this woman wouldn’t stoop so low either. When they came out of the hotel, Han Muzi asked her, “What’s your plan now? Do you have a place to go? It’s good to rely on yourself, and even though you don’t want help, sometimes asking for a hand does go a long way for you.”
  • Xu Yanwan gazed at her and thanked her, “Thank you, Muzi. I understand what you’re trying to say, but I plan to find a job and work my way up. That was my father’s wish for me, and I don’t want to disappoint him.” She made her thoughts clear.
  • Han Muzi smiled, then she said softly, “Your father didn’t want you to beg for help from someone else, but our families are friends, so we aren’t ‘someone else.’ Besides, you didn’t ask us for help. We offered our help willingly.” Xu Yanwan was taken aback, for she didn’t seem to think this was possible. “What about it? Am I right? If we help you from the dark, you won’t even know, and that’s not going against your wish, isn’t it?”
  • The moment she said that, Xu Yanwan went up to hug Han Muzi. “I’m happy you could think for me that way, Muzi, but I’ve decided to work my way up. My father had protected me too much, so I didn’t know that the human heart could be so cruel. If it wasn’t for my family’s crisis, I would still be living my days out in ignorance. I came to you not for help, but to fulfill my wish. I wanted to come back a long time ago, but I had too many things to handle, so I didn’t have the chance. Now that I’ve seen you and your brother and know that your lives are well, it’s time for me to pursue my own life.”
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