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Chapter 1364 Why Didn’t You Continue?

  • Han Qing became like this because I want to leave him? However, Yan immediately recalled that this news did not mean much as it would not change the fact that he was engaged. She closed her eyes and let the water splash on her face and ears as if she was separated from this world. When she was done with her shower and was about to exit the bathroom, she saw a few dark-colored hickeys on her neck in the mirror. They were left by Han Qing from before.
  • Yan gritted her teeth in anger upon thinking about what he did to her just now. She was not sure if this b*stard would treat her like this again once she got out from the bathroom. Since she had broken up with him, what would it look like if they were still hugging and kissing each other? She could not even accept it herself. Therefore, Yan decided to just stay inside the bathroom. After a moment, someone knocked on the bathroom door.
  • “Yan.” Han Qing’s voice came from outside. “Come out when you’re done. I’ll help you dry your hair.”
  • Help me dry my hair? Yan waved her hand in disdain while thinking, Forget about it. He should use his precious hands to sign the wedding agreement with his fiancée instead.
  • Yan did not agree to it, so Han Qing called her out again. She then answered unwillingly, “I’m not done yet. You’ll have to wait a little longer.” She continued to stay in the bathroom longer while looking at the marks on her neck and worrying about what to do if she was going to head out later. There was nothing else in the bathroom that she could use and her clothes did not have a high collar.
  • The bathroom door was suddenly unlocked when Yan was in the middle of her thoughts. She jumped in shock as she did not expect Han Qing to enter the bathroom directly after unlocking the door. After the shock, Yan immediately shouted at him, “Who permitted you to enter? Do you know that this is a bathroom? What if I was showering and you came in without my permission? What if you saw me—”
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