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Chapter 1146 Hands Tied

  • Little Bean was dumbfounded. He only thought of getting rid of the man who was with Yan, but he did not think of the consequences. If that man had gotten flustered and left because of me, he could have spread rumors and ended up ruining Aunt Yan’s reputation. Well, it was not that it did not cross Little Bean’s mind. Why did it matter what other people say anyway? We’re all living our own lives. Besides, Aunt Yan likes Uncle Qing, so only his opinion matters to her.
  • Little Bean argued, “Aunt Yan is not the kind of person who would be bothered by other people’s opinions.”
  • “What about her parents?”
  • Little Bean was speechless. Han Qing grabbed the keys and stood up. “Do you understand now? Let’s go. Don’t make another scene in the future. If this happens again, I’ll send you straight to your father and let him teach you a lesson.” You’ll see how petty I can get.
  • Little Bean reluctantly followed Han Qing out. Still feeling angry, he said, “Uncle Qing, you have to believe me. That man does not have good intentions. When I went to the shop just now, he told me the shop was his.”
  • Finally, Han Qing paused and narrowed his eyes. “Is what you’re saying true?”
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