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Chapter 1096 It's All About Fate

  • Lin Xuzheng smiled. “Mrs. Zhou, there's nothing wrong with him, and he is quite healthy. The only thing is, he keeps on prioritizing work over everything else, so he doesn't have the time to date, and he eventually lost his interest toward women.”
  • As he finished his sentence, he paused suddenly.
  • Why was he bringing up only the person's flaws and none of the good traits? At this rate, how was he, Lin Xuzheng, going to set someone up? Yan's mother would probably mistake his intention as an act to humiliate her daughter.
  • As expected, when Lin Xuzheng lifted his head, he saw Luo Huimei's eyes were filled with resentment.
  • But that was normal. Who could bear to see their own daughter suffer? His introduction alone made him sound unreliable.
  • “I am sorry. This friend of mine is very successful career-wise. It's just that he isn't very well-versed in relationship matters. He doesn't have any bad habits—he doesn't smoke, drink, nor gamble. The reason I chose to set them up is because I found Miss Zhou to be a fine young lady. I apologize if my proposal was too abrupt.”
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