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Chapter 461 Don't Miss Him

  • "Do you think I don't know about that? Although you hid it well, your feelings are like your protruding belly when you got pregnant. After spending so much time with you, you can't hide it from me at all."
  • Han Muzi went silent and looked at her blankly before turning her head away after a moment.
  • "You think too much. You can't conclude anything based on your assumptions."
  • "Assumptions?" Yan took a deep breath and then looked at Han Muzi with her hands crossed in the front of her chest.
  • "Then why don't you dare to look at me? Let's put this aside first. Do you really think that I didn’t know that you searched for Ye Moxuan's news when no one was around? Whose name has appeared the most in your searches? Don't tell me that it's someone else with the same name!"
  • Han Muzi sank into a long silence.
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