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Chapter 555 A Ridiculous Incident

  • The man was quite impatient at first. After all, the air was already very stuffy after everyone crowded here. Hence, he was quite irritable when he was asked a question by some stranger.
  • It was probably because Yan had a sweet smile on her face. When he turned around, he saw a sweet-looking girl and a beautiful woman with a distant expression on her face. Hence, his attitude completely changed in that instant. He smiled when he looked at the two of them and explained patiently, "I'm not quite sure what happened, but I think someone died."
  • "Someone died?" Yan inhaled sharply, shocked. After glancing at Han Muzi, Yan found that she didn't look too good either.
  • "Can you tell us more about it?" Han Muzi asked after pursing her pale lips.
  • Seeing that a beautiful woman had asked him questions, the man nodded. "When we arrived, the police had already blocked this place, so we could only watch from a distance. When I arrived, there weren’t many people yet, and I heard from people that were already here that this person suddenly came here to take their own life. It was quite unexpected, and no one knows anything."
  • Han Muzi didn't know how to reply after hearing this as it sounded quite ridiculous.
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