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Chapter 1187 Little Sprout

  • Although everyone had already known that it was going to be a baby girl, they could still hardly contain their excitement when they heard the announcement from the doctor. This was especially true of Old Master Yuchi, who had been alone for so many years. The fact that he now had a great-granddaughter made him feel elated. He was seen clapping his hands when the announcement was made. "This is great!"
  • Song An, after seeing her father behave in this way, looked over to him and whispered, "How old do you think you are?"
  • Hearing this comment, Old Master Yuchi gently rubbed his nose. What's wrong with me? Can't I be happy for my granddaughter-in-law who just gave birth? Why is she so difficult all the time? However, he was able to shrug it off quickly because of how excited he was.
  • Then, the sound of a baby crying came from the labor ward. It was loud and crisp. Song An pursed her lips. "Looks like this girl has been torturing Muzi."
  • This comment made the doctor laugh. He added, "That sounds right. She has such big and cheerful eyes; she looks very healthy. So, don't worry."
  • After giving birth, Han Muzi was practically exhausted and worn out. She was seen lying there with her eyes barely opened. But, whenever she thought about what happened earlier, she could not help but flash a smile on her pale lips. When the baby first came out, she could barely speak. The doctor brought the baby to her for her to carry but she was too worn out to do so.
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