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Chapter 1515 We Both Agree

  • As the two of them kissed, a crystal-like tear fell from the corner of Yan’s eyes. It slipped onto the back of Han Qing’s hand and seemed hot enough to sear him. When he released her, he pressed her firmly into his embrace. There was a thick huskiness from the depths of his low voice as he said, “I won’t do it again. I promise that there will not be a second time. I won’t let anything happen to myself.”
  • Throughout his life, he had lost three of his relatives, one after the other. Thus, he was well aware of the pain losing a loved one would bring. The dead were blissfully unaware, but the ones left behind would have to lick their wounds for the rest of their lives. Those days were incredibly painful and difficult. In the past, he had tried to shoulder everything on his own. However, now that he thought about it, what she was saying was true. When two people came together, it was about taking care of each other and sharing their burdens. If they only relied on the strength of one person, it was vulnerable and could easily collapse. Most importantly, if something were to happen to him, there would be nobody left to fight for his wife and two children. This time around, this incident had served as a huge lesson to him—blindly protecting a person was not necessarily the best choice.
  • After Han Qing woke up, Yan took over his hospital bed and slept next to him. Thus, he watched over her by her side. Unfortunately, she was unable to sleep peacefully. Occasionally, she would call out his name in her sleep; she looked anxious as she clawed desperately with her hands. In the end, he reached out toward her. In response, she clutched at his hand tightly; she seemed to be hanging on for dear life as she seized his hand in a death grip. Then, he glanced down at her hand—she was exerting so much strength that the marks were outlined clearly against his arm. Although it hurt, he found it rather sweet. This young lady’s heart and mind are completely filled with thoughts of me. Then, he lowered his head and lightly planted a kiss on her fair forehead, whispering, “Sleep. I’m right here.”
  • Throughout the three-day observational period at the hospital, Yan remained at the hospital. During that time, Luo Huimei visited twice. The second time was just before Han Qing was discharged from the hospital. She stood outside the hospital room as she gave Yan a dressing down. “You damn brat! You only have eyes for your husband! While he’s injured, you can accompany him in the hospital every day, but you can’t even come home for a visit.”
  • Yan also felt that she had been too complacent in the past two days, so she scratched her head in embarrassment. Then, she stuck out her tongue and apologized, “Mom, isn’t that because I know you are taking care of my children? That’s why I feel so at ease. Besides, just the other day, you were telling me that you have more experience in taking care of children than I do. I was raised single-handedly by you after all. The reason I’m so healthy right now can all be credited to your efforts. Therefore, I feel extremely confident leaving my two children with you, Mom.”
  • Tsk. Luo Huimei did not believe Yan’s words; she bluntly showed her disdain for her daughter. “You’re a real piece of work. The moment you see Han Qing, you’re so mesmerized that you lose all sense of reason. Now that I’m nagging you, you turn around and lick my boots. Did you forget about everything that happened before?” Then, she disappointedly shook her head. “Sigh. This girl only cares for love and romance. Your parents don’t even have these genes, so how did you turn out like this? Thank goodness you met a good man. If you had met a scumbag, what would have happened?” Luo Huimei was truly thankful. Had her obstinate daughter fallen in love with a scumbag and refused to listen to anything her family said to her, she would have ruined her entire life.
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