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Chapter 235 Knot

  • Shen Qi spaced out for a second before nodding. Once Song An was done packing her things, Shen Qi went home with her.
  • It was already evening, and the street lamps were switched on by the time they left the hospital. The lights illuminating the houses in the city and the neon lights across the roads and junctions overlapped. Shen Qi felt chilly as a gust of night breeze blew against her, so she buried her neck deeper into the collar of her clothes instinctively and hugged herself tighter.
  • “Put the jacket on if you’re feeling cold. Wait for me right here. I’ll get the car.”
  • “All right, Aunty.” Shen Qi was getting used to calling Song An her ‘Aunty’ as time passed.
  • It was autumn now, and Shen Qi felt rather cold while waiting in the night at the entrance of the hospital with the chilly wind blowing against her. After a moment of hesitation, she finally put Ye Moxuan’s jacket over her shoulders.
  • His suit jacket was large, and it felt like there was a large cloak over her shoulders, effectively shielding her from the chilly wind.
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