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Chapter 629 Ye Moxuan Is Here

  • Ye Linhan had once again retreated in order to advance. This had left Han Muzi speechless. He avoided the topic of courting her like he was afraid of being contaminated by that sensitive topic. Instead, he started asking her about her design career.
  • It was undeniable that Ye Linhan was indeed a talkative man with high EQ. He simply knew what he should say more of and what he should avoid saying.
  • Being with this kind of person would be quite comfortable because he would be looking out for her all the time—whether it was during courtship or while living together after marriage. However, it was a shame that Han Muzi did not have the same feelings for him. No matter how easy their days might be, life would still be boring and dull.
  • She was dying to tell Ye Linhan to stop wasting his energy because there was no chance between the two of them. However, looking at how he was treating her right now, she felt that whatever she said, he would still not give up. At this juncture, Han Muzi's gaze was down and she gently let out a sigh in her heart. Back then, which part of me attracted him, causing him to miss me for such a long time?
  • Shortly after Han Muzi and Ye LinHan left, a black Mercedes was parked at the entrance of the office building.
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