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Chapter 178 Why Are You Unwilling to Leave?

  • Shen Qi stood at the entrance of the company and waited for Han Xueyou with the box in her hands.
  • When Ye Moxuan’s car came to a stop, Han Xueyou opened the door and pushed Ye Moxuan down while looking at Shen Qi with a smile. “Hey, Qi, what are you holding in your hands?”
  • As soon as she said that, Shen Qi felt a gaze as sharp as a knife falling on her.
  • Ye Moxuan’s icy eyes were as cold and as terrifying as a poisoned snake, so much so that Shen Qi couldn’t help but shrink into her neck and subconsciously hug the box tighter in her arms.
  • She did that subconsciously. However, in Ye Moxuan’s eyes, it seemed like the box was very precious to her.
  • She had gotten in the car empty-handed but had arrived with a box in her hands.
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