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Chapter 489 Nightmare

  • If she truly did that, it would mean that she really was the kind of person people said she was.
  • “No. I can’t get in touch with her now. I’m afraid that she will try to harm you again, so I advise you not to be alone for the next few days,” Lin Xinghuo cautioned her. Han Muzi couldn’t help but turn her heard and look around the empty room.
  • Will she actually do that? But I just moved here; I doubt Lin Qingqing would be able to find out about it that fast. However… Lin Xinghuo is right. There’s a possibility that she’ll harm me again.
  • “I’m at fault for this. Initially, I wanted to take a day’s leave and come over to accompany you, but that b*stard, Chen Fei, forbade me to. I’m sorry, Muzi. You really need to be careful. I fear that she might harm you in many ways.”
  • “Don’t worry. I’ll be careful.”
  • Lin Xinghuo then kept on reminding her that she should always have someone beside her and not move around alone.
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