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Chapter 651 Their Secret

  • Ye Moxuan did not intend to let her go, and so he grabbed her hand. “Weren’t you planning on touching me? Go on.”
  • However, she didn’t have the courage to touch him because she knew that she would pay dearly for doing that. Han Muzi still wasn’t feeling well till now, and she couldn’t survive another round of torture from Ye Moxuan. She couldn’t even stand it once, let alone several rounds of it.
  • Once she thought of that, she smiled in embarrassment before pulling her hand away. “Well… excessive indulgence is not the best idea. I think we should forget about it…”
  • Just as she completed her sentence, Ye Moxuan pulled her hand to touch his reddened ear.
  • Han Muzi was dumbfounded, and she looked at Ye Moxuan in a daze. Is this man… a crook???
  • “Are you trying to pretend and forget about it after touching me?” Ye Moxuan pinned her down, and he kissed her neck with his cool lips. She felt his hot breath against her neck quicken significantly.
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