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Chapter 1234 That’s Even More Intimate!

  • While he was in a trance, Jiang Xiaobai waved her fair and delicate hands at him. When Xiao Su came back to his senses, he coughed. “I guess I’ll just help you this one time—just this one time.”
  • “No problem!” Jiang Xiaobai nodded her head hard. “Once is good enough! Let’s go!” As she finished, she proceeded to reach for Xiao Su’s arm as she stood up. Xiao Su’s eyebrows shot up as he saw what she did. “Miss Ghostwriter, even though I’ve agreed to help, you—” As he paused intentionally, his gaze fell on Jiang Xiaobai’s hand. She looked in the same direction and understood what he was trying to say.
  • However, not only did she not let go of Xiao Su’s arm, she proceeded to lock it in her arm while looking innocent. “Are you trying to keep a distance from me? But, Mr. Xiao, when we meet my mother later, you’ll be my boyfriend, so we have to look more intimate. Hence, we should start practicing now.”
  • Xiao Su was rendered speechless. Looking serious, he questioned, “I think I’ve just regretted my decision. Can I go back on my word?”
  • When Jiang Xiaobai heard that, she quickly put both of her hands around his arm tightly. “Too late!”
  • Her nervous look amused Xiao Su and almost made him chuckle. In the end, he decided to hold it in and let out a sigh. “Even if we are to practice, let’s wait for a little.”
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