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Chapter 126 Who Is She?

  • This question made the man embarrassed as he reached out and wiped the sweat away from his forehead.
  • "What are you talking about, Assistant Shen? This has always been the company's regulations. Moreover, you are President Ye’s personal assistant, so if you apply for reimbursement in advance, it must be for some important issues. In that case, the finance department must cater to your needs."
  • "But before this—"
  • Shen Qi still had some doubts about it, but Yan had already completed the paperwork. "Here you go."
  • Shen Qi reached out and took it from her. "Thank you."
  • "Don't think that I won't hate you just because you thanked me!" Yan spat. "Although I also joined this company through connections, the way you do it is more despicable than me," she added hostilely.
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