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Chapter 1523 Don’t Cry

  • She was afraid that if she held her baby, she would become reluctant to leave? Had she actually planned to leave since the beginning? Du Xiaoyu was frightened by her thoughts. Then, she immediately grabbed Jiang Xiaobai’s hand and questioned, “Did you refuse to hold your baby because you planned to leave? Xiaobai, promise me you won’t do something stupid, alright? You and Xiao Su have not been married long. He treats you so well, and his mother adores you from the bottom of her heart! Besides, your child is a newborn! It can’t be without a mother!”
  • Jiang Xiaobai was moved by her words, and her eyes turned red. “But, Mom, this entire marriage is a joke. From the start until the end, it was always a one-sided relationship for me. I can only blame myself for being too conceited, thinking that there was nothing I couldn’t do.” Unfortunately, life has given me a heavy punch in the gut.
  • “What do you mean by a one-sided relationship?” Du Xiaoyu squinted. “Silly girl, what are you talking about? Aren’t you and Xiao Su happy together? You were dating of your own accord!”
  • “That’s right; it’s because we chose to date on our own.” No; we weren’t really dating out of choice either. Although a relationship was a two-person affair, if Jiang Xiaobai and Xiao Su had not slept together the other night, they would not have started a relationship in the first place. It was no different from a marriage of convenience.
  • “Seeing as you chose each other by choice, then what nonsense are you talking about? If Xiao Su doesn’t love you, would he marry you? He treats you so well! Even your wedding rings were custom made! You silly girl.”
  • Is that so? Does Xiao Su… like me? Jiang Xiaobai had never considered this idea despite how long they had been together as a couple. However, the reason why she didn’t think about it was that she didn’t even dare to think about it. She was afraid that if she gave it some serious thought, she would start to become disappointed and fall into despair. Still, after listening to Du Xiaoyu’s words, Jiang Xiaobai had no choice but to face this question squarely. Does Xiao Su really like me? “Mom, can we not talk about this, please?”
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