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Chapter 60 The Fetus Is Affected

  • Seeing as Shen Qi’s pale face was about to hit the front, Xiao Su wanted to get up and help her, but somebody else was faster than him.
  • Ye Moxuan reached out his arms and grabbed her thin shoulders, hugging her figure tightly. Then, he pulled her toward him in one fell swoop.
  • Her petite figure fell into his embrace. When Xiao Su, who was sitting in front, saw this, the words that were about to leave his mouth disappeared in that instant.
  • “To the hospital!” the man behind him ordered in a cold manner.
  • “Okay!”
  • Shen Qi did not faint. The only thing was that her consciousness was a little bit hazy as she had endured the pain for quite some time. She thought that she would hit her head. Who knew that a huge pair of hands would seize her and pulled her into a broad yet cold embrace.
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