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Chapter 1568 Resonates With Me

  • The three girls sat together while the four guys waited at one side. After all, they were young girls so they were a bit weaker. Nonetheless, everyone was content.
  • After finishing their drinks and getting the rest they needed, the group started on their journey again.
  • They hiked and rested two to three times before they finally made it to the top.
  • The air at the top of the mountain was exceptionally good. Standing up so high, the city naturally seemed smaller and the scenery of the mountains and rivers was magnificent.
  • It was the first time Meng Kefei had ever come to a place like that. She could not help but look back at the breath-taking scenery; it made her heart flutter.
  • How would I ever have gotten a chance like this in the past? Now that she was able to witness all this, she felt excited and like she was about to overflow with emotions.
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