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Chapter 294 Unbelievable

  • In short, the baby was hungry too.
  • Naturally, she felt the hunger as well. After Shen Qi woke up, she stared at the unfamiliar scene in front of her for a while before remembering what had happened today. Then, she rubbed her eyes and got up before looking around the empty house.
  • "Yan?"
  • No one responded. Isn't Yan back yet? Shen Qi felt confused. When she was about to call Yan on the phone, the door of the kitchen was pushed open, and Yan walked out with two plates in her hands.
  • "You're finally up? Hurry up and wash your hand. We're going to eat soon."
  • Shen Qi was stunned upon hearing that. "Is it time for dinner? When did you come back?"
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