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Chapter 1359 Are You Crazy?

  • Yan was speechless. When Han Qing had paid the money, Yan could not help but scold him, “Are you crazy? These two tickets don’t even cost so much but you actually spent 20,000 to buy them!” Is he a fool? Although she knew that Han Qing was rich and this 20,000 did not mean much to him, this wastefulness still dumbfounded her.
  • The two men who received the money were looking at their phones with joy. Then, they turned to look at Yan and Han Qing while saying sweet words to them. “Pretty lady, your boyfriend is so generous. You’re blessed to have found such a boyfriend. Be sure to cherish him.”
  • “What does this have to do with you? I never said that he’s my boyfriend,” Yan rebuked. She wanted to struggle, but Han Qing was keeping a tight hold on her and refused to let her escape.
  • “Hehe, looks like you guys are bickering. No wonder he chased after you into the train even though he’s able to afford lavish things. He’s really putting in the effort. Good job, brother. I wish for the two of you to live happily ever after.”
  • Originally, Han Qing thought that they talked too much and only spouted nonsense, so he wanted them to quickly pack up and leave. However, after the man unexpectedly wished for them to live happily ever after, he moved his lips and replied, “Thank you.”
  • After that, the two quickly packed up their things and left. While they were packing, Yan had been trying to struggle out of Han Qing’s arms, but he did not let her go. In the end, Han Qing placed her things beside the berth and asked her to sit down on the bed. It was very quiet here as everyone else was sleeping. After the two people had left, this place returned to silence.
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