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Chapter 1291 Xiao Su

  • Jiang Mei’s mother realized with a start that she just dug her own grave when that thought struck her.
  • However, she snapped back to her senses swiftly. What can she prove with mere accusations?
  • Therefore, Jiang Mei’s mother responded quickly by answering her, “Xiaobai, outsiders have no reason to be vengeful toward you. Why would they harm you? Aren’t you trying too hard to play the victim? I’ve heard stories about writers; those who are too immersed in writing for a long time might be too engrossed in it. I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with you mentally. I’m just asking if you’re exhausted lately. Has it been too stressful for you?”
  • Jiang Mei added in a hurry when she heard that, “That’s right, Xiaobai. Are you suffering from victim paranoia? Outsiders do not benefit from sabotaging you at all. Why would they try to harm you?”
  • “That’s right.” Jiang Xiaobai smiled faintly. “I’d like to know why they want to harm me since they have nothing to gain,” she spoke softly.
  • Jiang Mei’s mother realized with a start that this statement was obviously targeted at her and her daughter.
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