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Chapter 67 Bad Intentions!

  • Everyone had different thoughts on their minds after this meal. Han Xueyou was the last to leave. When Shen Qi sent her off, she noticed that Han Xueyou’s mood seemed gloomy and asked, “What’s wrong?”
  • However, Han Xueyou didn’t hear her, still deep in her thoughts.
  • Shen Qi stopped. “Xueyou?”
  • Han Xueyou finally snapped back from the trance. She grinned awkwardly when she saw Shen Qi’s worried face. “I’m sorry, Qi. I was thinking about something and didn’t hear you just now. Did you say anything?”
  • “What’s wrong with you?” Shen Qi asked worriedly.
  • Han Xueyou forced a smile. “I’m fine. By the way, are you very close to Ye Moxuan?”
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