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Chapter 753 Running in the Opposite Direction

  • It was time for Han Muzi to leave, since there would be no one left to block her once people left on the twenty-first floor. Rory was extremely embarrassed and she looked pitiful.
  • “Well, can we go out?” she asked.
  • Everyone was stumped and George burst out laughing. “Of course you can. By the way, beautiful, are you a staff member of this company? Why don’t you drop me your contact number?”
  • He looked like an impudent fellow and he appeared especially insolent. In fact, he leered at Rory like a hungry predator.
  • Rory was so frightened that she was close to tears. “I…”
  • The elevator doors closed automatically since no one walked out. Rory was scared witless and she kept her head lowered before walking out. However, something struck her halfway because she turned toward Han Muzi.
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