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Chapter 781 You Think I Care?

  • If he was so angry just because she had accidentally hugged him for a bit, then she had been wrongfully accused. She hadn’t meant to do it. Sigh. She only had herself to blame for taking an afternoon nap. If she hadn’t taken that afternoon nap, then she wouldn’t have had that nightmare. If she hadn’t had that nightmare, then she wouldn’t have woken up and reached out to hug Ye Moxuan after seeing him standing in front of her.
  • That’s not right! Why did he come into the secretary’s office anyway? I’ve never seen him enter the secretary’s office before! Did he come here looking for me? No, it can’t be. Ye Moxuan isn’t an impulsive person; he is the type to carry himself with dignity.
  • She had to take it slowly. At least… now that she had woken up from her nightmare, she knew immediately that he was alive and kicking and by her side. This was enough.
  • She got up and went to the pantry to make herself a cup of jasmine tea. After drinking half of it, she felt slightly better.
  • Before she found Ye Moxuan, she experienced that nightmare almost every night. Every time she woke up, her pillow would be wet, and her back would also be drenched. She almost drowned in her tears and cold sweat. The endless nights were like a man-eating beast, dragging her further into despair. But it was different now; no matter what his attitude was toward her, at least he was safe, and it was enough that she had the chance to see him.
  • She finished her cup of jasmine tea, then brewed a cup of coffee and sent it to the President’s office.
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