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Chapter 1372 Don’t Make Me Wait for Too Long

  • “About that… I think all of this is happening way too quickly. Why don’t you think about it again?” Yan coughed lightly to stop Han Qing from going crazy. She wondered if it was because she had run off this time around that Han Qing had a sense of urgency and that was why he was so anxious to put a ring on her. Regardless, Yan was moved when she heard that he started preparing for this proposal since returning from their vacation.
  • After all, when he was drugged back then, he had tried his best to control himself. He resisted it no matter how hard she tried to seduce him, all because he did not want to hurt her. She did not expect that he had long been preparing for it. Therefore, it was safe to say that they were mutually in love.
  • “Quick?” Han Qing narrowed his eyes and suddenly said something shocking, “If you conceived a baby that night and we count the days from then, you may not be able to hide your pregnant belly when the day of the wedding comes.”
  • Hearing this, Yan was shocked. She looked at Han Qing with widened eyes, “You… You…” Why did he suddenly bring up pregnancy? His words are right on point. Did he guess something? Does he already know that I’m pregnant? No, that can’t be right! It’s impossible!
  • If he knew that she was pregnant, he would not ask her to take medicine for her cold, nor would he want to sleep with her at this time. If that was the case, then he likely only brought it up to use as an example. After calming down from her shock, she said, “Marriage isn’t a small matter, and it’s not just because of the official ceremony. I just feel that you should think it over once more. After all, we haven’t been together for all that long. What if you get bored after just a couple of months? If we choose to divorce, it won’t be good for either of us.”
  • After she finished talking, Han Qing’s eyebrows were pulled into a deep frown as both his expression and eyes seemed a little unhappy. “Have you forgotten everything I told you before?”
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