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Chapter 1437 Fight

  • With that, Jiang Xiaobai turned around and left without hesitation as if she had made up her mind; she did not even look back or give Xiao Su another glance.
  • Xiao Su couldn’t stop his hands from clenching into fists by his sides as he looked at her disappearing back.
  • He felt a feeling of helplessness; it was as though something had left him and was no longer in his reach. The rational part of him told him that he should run up to Jiang Xiaobai and explain himself, yet he did not take a step forward until the very end.
  • Xiaobai isnt a contrived person, and the situation is different right now. As soon as I finish dealing with the matters here, Ill go back and explain everything to her; shell surely understand me by then, he thought to himself afterward.
  • Xiao Su put his mind at rest as the thought occurred to him.
  • When he came back by himself later, Han Muzi took another glance at him and knitted her brows.
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