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Chapter 855 Just Drop the Act

  • Upon hearing that, Rory shot him a look of utmost despise. “So what if you’re a man in front of me? You are not the man that I like. Why should I care about my image in front of you?” With that, she continued to stuff food in her mouth.
  • The way she ate looked like she didn’t care about her body’s limitations at all, as if she could starve if she missed this meal. No, to be precise, she looked like she was eating her last meal on earth.
  • For no apparent reason, George suddenly felt sorry for Rory. Out of sympathy for her, he said empathetically, “Uhm, why don’t you eat slower? No one is going to take your food away, you know. If you think that this is not enough, I can order more for you later. You don’t have to gobble.”
  • While stuffing food into her mouth, Rory said, “Don’t worry. When I earn more money, I’ll definitely pay you back. I won’t let you spend your money for nothing.”
  • George froze for a moment. This was the first time a woman told him that she wanted to pay him back and it made him feel rather special. “Sure. I’ll remember this. When you have earned your money, you have to buy me another meal.”
  • “No problem.”
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