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Chapter 864 It Truly Is Very Sweet

  • However, Han Muzi was oblivious to it. Besides, she wouldn’t have placed much thought into it. Even though there was cream on her lips, it was normal whenever someone was to eat something with cream on it. She just had to wipe it clean when she was done.
  • However, Han Muzi recalled something when she was eating halfway and she looked at Ye Moxuan. “I know you dislike sweet foods, but you have to consume something sugary. Hence, I bought dessert today.”
  • Ye Moxuan was at a loss for words. She bought desserts even when she knew I dislike it. Is she doing it on purpose? However
  • Ye Moxuan squinted at her for a while. “How did you know what I like and what I don’t?”
  • Han Muzi’s heart sank. She knew his preferences from their previous relationship, but their recent interaction wouldn’t give her such definite information.
  • Han Muzi answered after a short pause, “I guessed as much.” She was afraid that Ye Moxuan became suspicious of her and explained hastily, “I prepare black coffee for you every day. It tastes so bitter, and if you prefer sweet delicacies, you would have instructed me to make a new one for you.” This makes sense and I have a point. It should work if I were to make an assumption based on this example.
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