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Chapter 809 I Must Have a Say

  • Ultimately, Duanmu Zhe was driven out by Duanmu Xue who slammed the door shut behind him. The sound was earth-shattering, causing many servants nearby to look over to see what was going on. Helplessly waving to them, he said, “Everyone, back to your own business. It’s not like you haven’t seen the young mistress lose her temper before.”
  • Hence, everyone dispersed and left. Then, Duanmu Zhe called his assistant and asked him to investigate Yuchi Shen. After hanging up, he looked at his phone and shook his head helplessly. Fortunately, he had never been lovesick before unlike his sister, who would do such crazy things for love.
  • Han Muzi went about her day like normal, and she was about to head to the subway station after getting off work. Once again, like part of a routine, Ye Moxuan’s car followed behind her and he told her that the car could not be parked here, so she should get in. Then, he drove her to the front of her house and got down from the car with her. Before Han Muzi could say anything, he asked, “I dropped my tie here yesterday. Is it with you?”
  • Tie? Blinking, she took another look at Ye Moxuan. After he left last night, she did not seem to have seen anything that was left behind. “I don’t think I saw it.”
  • Moving closer, Ye Moxuan asked again, “Did you really not see it, or are you hiding it away from me?”
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