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Chapter 1295 It’s up to You

  • Xiao Su wanted to say that other girls would be more restrained when they yawned, but he swallowed the words after some thoughts. Jiang Xiaobai touched her nose and looked at his back. “Why did you come out alone?”
  • Upon hearing that, Xiao Su frowned. “Who else are you expecting?”
  • Jiang Xiaobai laughed. “Who else? I saw a girl talking to you when I came out.”
  • She then approached him and wanted to put her hand on his shoulder, but she soon realized that she wasn’t tall enough. Therefore, she pulled his sleeves and teased him with a smile, “You’re not too bad yourself, Casanova. You must be elated that girls are flirting with you even at a birthday party.”
  • Xiao Su was speechless before he pushed Jiang Xiaobai’s hand away and said, “Be serious.”
  • Jiang Xiaobai originally never cared that her hand was being knocked off, but when she saw the person who appeared behind Xiao Su, she quickly held his hands and fell gently toward him. Her body fell into his embrace without any warning and her fragrance was flowing towards him, which caused his entire body froze as he wanted to push her away subconsciously. Jiang Xiaobai whispered suddenly, “Play along. Someone is coming over.”
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