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Chapter 1120 Public Statement

  • The man’s sudden voice shocked the two of them. The man who flirted with Yan turned toward the voice. After looking closer, the man was greeted with a dark expression and a steely sharp gaze—both of which sent a shiver running down his spine.
  • “P-President Han?”
  • Everyone attending the banquet obviously knew who President Han was. However, he usually did things alone. Why is he chatting with me now? Theoretically, he shouldn’t pay any attention to me. In that case, the reason President Han is here is because… The man turned to look at the woman in the white dress with whom he flirted just now.
  • True enough, Yan stared at Han Qing without blinking. There was a slightly shocked expression etched across her fair face. Yan’s lips were slightly parted as if she was about to explain herself, but no words came out of her.
  • Yan had already panicked when the man blocked her earlier because she wasn’t sure whether Han Qing might enter the banquet if she arrived late. At that point, she would be left all alone and might not even be allowed to enter the banquet. I didn’t expect Han Qing to come over.
  • Han Qing’s gaze looked cold and aloof, but there was a stormy darkness in them. Yan clenched her dress while she hesitated. In the end, she walked unsteadily toward Han Qing. She inhaled deeply as she made her way toward Han Qing. Although her high heels were of the right size today, they were extremely high for her. I would have chosen a pair with shorter heels if I’d known how difficult it is. However, out of all the shoes available, this pair was the only one that complimented the dress. In fact, it took me the entire day to choose them.
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