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Chapter 500 You Think I Want To Tear You Two Apart?

  • In the quiet room at the second floor of the restaurant, Song An stood up to serve a bowl of soup to Han Muzi. “This place makes good soup. I used to love coming here before going to Su City, and occasionally, I will also bring Moxuan here with me. However, ever since I went to Su City, I have not been able to drink their soup. But thanks to you, I have the chance again today.”
  • She handed the bowl over, and Han Muzi quickly got up to receive it. “Thank you, Aunty Song.”
  • Song An gave a gentle smile. “No need to be so polite, since we’ve already known each other for so long. Where have you been these past five years? How have you been? Why didn’t I hear anything from you these years?”
  • Han Muzi sat opposite her while holding the bowl of soup. She stirred the soup with a spoon and answered her slowly, “Aunty Song, I have been studying design abroad for the past five years.”
  • “Studying design?” Song An was stunned, but she smiled afterward. “It is a good career. Looks like you’ve really changed after these years.”
  • While listening to her, Han Muzi could only smile as she didn’t know how to reply. Actually, she had predicted that Song An would ask her out for a meal eventually. This meal was inevitable, so when she got the call from Song An, she came over without any hesitation.
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