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Chapter 1687 She’s Popular

  • Soon enough, the Ye Family and the Tang Family had set the wedding date. Also, they put together a grand engagement ceremony for the two.
  • On the day of the engagement, Yuan Yuehan and Zhang Xiaolu came dressed extravagantly. After spending much time with Tang Yuanyuan, their personalities had somewhat been influenced by each other.
  • However, the two had gotten much better. They would no longer play mind games with Tang Yuanyuan; instead, they would just tease her.
  • "It's your engagement dinner, but we look more attractive than you. Are you going to be mad at us?"
  • Zhang Xiaolu jumped in right away, "Why is she going to be mad at us? The most gorgeous guy in North City now belongs to her. Besides, he won't even pay attention to us. She must be over the moon."
  • As she finished, she went up to Tang Yuanyuan. "Am I right?"
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