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Chapter 1531 Do You Really Have to Go?

  • Ever since that day, Xiao Su had become a different person; he would no longer do anything that would cause Jiang Xiaobai to be upset. Now, he would only show up whenever she needed him and would disappear from her sight whenever he was no longer needed.
  • This was a different Xiao Su to Jiang Xiaobai—he was not the Xiao Su who would stick around her all day. At the outset, she was surprised to see this change, as she thought that he was probably afraid of making her upset again, so he kept his distance. After giving it more thought, Jiang Xiaobai reckoned that this was just a change in his tactics. However, no matter what kind of tactic he was employing now, nothing could ever change Jiang Xiaobai's mind: she still insisted on being separated from him for a while.
  • However, after spending a lot of time with her child recently, the child seemed to get attached to her. Perhaps this was something magical between a mother and her son that people often talked about whether or not it was real. She had the hunch that her child somehow knew that she was going to leave. Every time he looked at her, he would give her a pitiful look and be particularly obedient whenever he was around her. It was as if her child was telling her, ‘I will behave well. Please don’t leave me behind.’
  • Perhaps Jiang Xiaobai was overthinking things; it could just be that her child was always obedient. Sometimes Jiang Xiaobai would gently stroke his cheek and pinch it while he was in her arms before asking, "If you had to choose, would you pick Daddy or Mommy?" Of course, a newborn would not respond to her question. So, Jiang Xiaobai would continue bitterly, "I've probably lost my mind. Why would I ask you that question? You don't even understand what I'm saying, much less give me a response." As she said this, she gently stroked his head. She realized that the little hairs that he had on his head were so soft. And she would continue to stroke it.
  • "It kills me to leave you. Do you think Daddy is going to be upset if I were to bring you with me? However, I don't think he'll let me go that easily if I were to take you with me." Jiang Xiaobai exhaled gently and placed her face against her child's cheek. A teardrop rolled down her cheek.
  • Jiang Xiaobai initially thought she would be able to leave her newborn child. But after a few days of nursing him, she found it increasingly difficult for her to do so. That was why she reckoned she should not even have contacted or carried the baby when she foresaw that it was going to be difficult for her to be parted with him. D*mn it. Why did I cave that day? Even though she knew that it was their plan, as the mother of the child, she could not help but enter the room.
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