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Chapter 1575 Deception

  • Lips puckered up, Tang Yuanyuan did not respond.
  • The next second, Zhong Chufeng took out a bottle of peach-flavored yogurt drink for Tang Yuanyuan.
  • "You're heartless. I came all the way to send this yogurt drink to you, and is this how you treat me?"
  • Tang Yuanyuan's eyes lit up as soon as she saw the yogurt drink. "Thank you, Chufeng."
  • Zhong Chufeng proceeded to open the lid for her and sat next to her. Meng Kefei saw it and got up, remarking, "Yuanyuan, I'll need to find some documents, so I'll leave you with Chufeng for a short while."
  • "Alright. Please come back as soon as you can."
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