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Chapter 1182 What if I Don’t Want to Refuse?

  • While she was giving her explanation in a rush, she did not notice that Han Qing’s car had gone in a different direction. They were supposed to be on the main road, but they were now driving on a smaller road. However, she only noticed when the car came to a full stop.
  • “W-Where is this place?” As Yan asked, she turned around and took in the view outside. She wanted to take a step further and stick her head out the car window.
  • When her head was only halfway out, however, Han Qing held her wrist and used his other hand to pull her head back in. “Don’t stick your head out of car windows like that. It’s dangerous.”
  • In an instant, her head was pulled back inside and the car window slowly went back up, quickly sealing the space they were in. Feeling doubtful, she turned to look at him. “I won’t stick my head out if you don’t want me to, but why did you close the window…” She started to stammer halfway through as she saw the longing in his eyes grow more intense.
  • “W-What is it?” Her body must have reacted before she did as her hands stuck out against his chest to stop him from getting close to her. She finally reacted. Did he drive us here on purpose? Did he intentionally change directions to stop here?
  • When Yan realized that, her heart started to race incredibly fast. Is he going to kiss me again? Her mind was running wild. The man in front of her was already leaning toward her. She retracted a few inches while using her hands to block his chest. “What the heck? It’s daytime now and we’re outside.” Even though we can stop the car here, people and cars will still pass by. How can we…
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