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Chapter 874 Signs of Miscarriage

  • After Han Muzi had finished changing her clothes, she took a look at Ye Moxuan, who was asleep. He was still in the same posture as earlier and didn’t move a muscle. It seemed as though the effects of the drug had caused him to fall into a deep sleep. This is good. I can use this time to quickly go to the hospital to have a check. If he wakes up before I come back, I’ll just tell him that I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries. If he hasn’t woken up, that’d be even better.
  • Han Muzi helped him with his blanket before she murmured, “I’ll be back soon. Sleep soundly.”
  • The sleeping man’s eyebrows twitched for a moment, but there wasn’t any other reaction. Soon after, Han Muzi went out the door. When she was going down to the lobby, Song An gave her a call to say that she had already left the hotel. “You can just call a cab and we’ll meet later at XX Hospital, alright?”
  • Song An used to live here, so Han Muzi didn’t have any doubts about what she said and nodded. “I know, Aunty Song. I’ll call a cab immediately.” Han Muzi increased her pace, but she felt an ache in her lower abdomen and it also didn’t help that last night’s fun activities made it harder for her to walk properly.
  • The ache wasn’t as bad when she first woke up from bed and now, she felt weaker with each step as if she had injured her wounds. She was afraid deep in her heart, so she could only walk slowly while calling a cab. When the cab dropped Han Muzi off at the hospital, Song An came up to support her the moment she got out of the car. “Are you okay?”
  • Han Muzi shook her head, but after taking two steps forward, she almost fell to the ground. Luckily, Song An was quick enough to catch her. The scene almost shocked the life out of Song An. She knew that Han Muzi was now a pregnant woman, so if she really fell down and injured herself, then she, as an aunt of hers, who was standing next to her, would have a hard time explaining herself.
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