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Chapter 842 You’re Not Allowed to Call Me Grandfather!

  • The housekeeper was shocked. He thought that she had agreed to Old Master Yuchi’s words by accepting the money, but she actually…
  • He was taken aback by the turn of events as he regarded the sly look in the woman’s eyes. Then, he couldn’t help but quirk the corners of his lips slightly. Sure enough, this woman must be different from others to be able to attract Young Master. I should have believed in Young Master’s words when he said he wouldn’t give up on the one he loved. How can someone whom he spoke so firmly of give up simply and leave with the money?
  • “Grandfather, do you want some tea? I’ll go get you a cup of tea, alright?”
  • Yuchi Jin bellowed at her angrily, “You’re not allowed to call me grandfather!”
  • Han Muzi blinked with an innocent face. “Why? You have already handed me your first-meeting gift, so it’d be rude of me not to call you ‘grandfather’.”
  • “I gave you the money because—” Before he could finish his words, Han Muzi turned away to make some tea. The rest were left in the secretary room while looking at each other.
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