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Chapter 587 Don’t Think of Him Anymore

  • Bang! Han Muzi locked Ye Moxuan out of the house before she put on her shoes and walked inside.
  • Since she had been walking outside barefooted, her feet were dirty. So, she went to the bathroom to wash her feet and continued with her plan for the night. After she was done with preparing her meal, she brought the dishes out to the dining table and ate alone. It was only at this moment that she realized the atmosphere was particularly quiet.
  • Yan was not sitting in front of her and Little Bean was not beside her to talk to her. Furthermore, a certain person was not there to nag her about eating more or to cheer her up.
  • Han Muzi was in deep thought while holding a piece of vegetable between her chopsticks. About a minute later, she came back to reality and smiled self-deprecatingly. What was she thinking?
  • Was she feeling lonely eating alone after two days of company? How hungry was she to think that way? She shook her head helplessly.
  • She ate the vegetables and felt that it tasted as bitter as Chinese medicine, and nothing like vegetables at all. She then picked up her specialty dish—sweet and sour pork ribs, but it somewhat tasted as bland as the other food. Just like that, she continued eating numbly before finally putting down her chopsticks.
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