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Chapter 735 The Most Devastating Return

  • Upon hearing Little Bean calling her ‘Mommy’, Han Muzi felt a jolt in her heart. Then, she slowly turned around to look at him.
  • His face flushed red due to agitation. When he looked at her, there was a sparkle of excitement in his eyes.
  • Seeing his expression right now, it didn’t seem that he was angry with her because of the video call the other day. Han Muzi knew that to kids, there were no overnight grudges. Though some might treat them poorly sometimes, as long as they gave the kids some presents after that, they would like you again.
  • Little Bean was the perfect example right in front of her. Han Muzi felt an aching pain in her heart that spread to the other parts of her body. Her lips moved and she wanted to say something, but he suddenly leaped to her and wrapped his arms around her neck with huge strength.
  • Han Muzi froze on the spot. After feeling his soft arms around her neck and his little hand gently touching her, Han Muzi was at a loss for words when she heard his tender voice. “Mommy, I miss you so much!”
  • She raised her head slowly and wanted to place her hand on his back. However, he suddenly said, “Mommy, are you willing to talk to me now?”
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