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Chapter 125 Being Pressured

  • Time flew in the blink of an eye. The first thing Shen Qi did when she arrived at the company the next day was to apply for a reimbursement from the finance department of the company.
  • However, the staff in the finance department didn't want to meet her at first, and she even looked impatient upon seeing Shen Qi.
  • "How can you apply if you don’t submit any receipts? Besides, you need to follow proper procedures, and it needs time to process."
  • Shen Qi asked blankly, "I thought that's not needed?"
  • The employee in the finance department rolled her eyes at her directly. "Who told you that? Didn't you know the rules when you first joined the company? Or do you think you can do whatever you want just because you have a strong background?"
  • Hearing that, Shen Qi's face turned pale, and she bit her lower lip.
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